Valentines Class Party Ideas - The Inspired Treehouse (2024)

By Lauren Drobnjak

These fun Valentines class party ideas will keep kids active, engaged, and having fun as they celebrate with their friends!

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It’s the season of red and pink and LOVE is in the air as Valentine’s Day is right around the corner!

It’s my favorite holiday and the one class party that I always jumped to sign up for when my kids were in elementary school. After securing my job of party planning, I would quickly take to Pinterest to find the perfect Valentine’s Day classroom party ideas.

Little did I know that the best Valentine’s Day activity ideas were already in my head because it’s was easy to repurpose my favorite Valentine’s Day therapy activities, Valentine’s Day fine motor activities, and gross motor Valentine activities to use for a party!

The other day I was sitting in Panera with my husband as a small group of moms at a nearby table diligently planned their Valentine ideas for 3rd graders in their kids’ classrooms. I had to force myself to stay in my seat and drink my chai tea to keep from walking over to them and saying…”If you need class Valentine party ideas – I’ve got you!”

Since I restrained myself at Panera, I have to use these ideas somehow! So, if you’re planning a classroom Valentine’s Day party, I’ve got YOU!

Looking for a fun way to treat your favorite teacher this Valentine’s Day? Check out these cute teacher valentine gifts!

Valentines Class Party Ideas

Here are the perfect Valentine’s class party ideas that will keep kids engaged, moving and having fun! Trust me, these ideas are kid approved!

1 || Hearts Jumping Activity
Grab this free printable hearts jumping activity and get kids moving! They will love the challenge of the sequencing and will likely put their own little shimmy and shake into the activity!

We even made a cute video demonstration of the hearts jumping activity to show you how to play! This is the perfect addition ot your Valentine’s day gross motor activities for preschoolers and elementary aged kids!

2 || Valentine’s Day Would You Rather Downloadable Game
Pull up this free Valentine’s Would You Rather downloadable game on your classroom teacher’s whiteboard and let it roll for a hilarious game of Would You Rather! Classmates will love learning about each other while they get moving!

3 || Stress Ball Valentine With Printable
Get a little crafty by making these squeezeable sensory hearts! All you need is a few heart shaped balloons, some playdough to stuff them with, and the free printable tag.

4 || Hearts and Arrows Valentine Visual Game
This Hearts and Arrows visual game is perfect for a Valentine’s day classsroom party! Check out this fun activity that requires only the printable cards and some colored craft sticks.

And there you have it! Our favorite fun, simple, and cost effective Valentines class party ideas! Let us know which activity was a hit in your classroom!

Since you were so busy planning this party (wink), you may have forgotten about your child’s Valentines! Here are a few free printable Valentine’s day cards for your child to pass out on the big day!

Seek and Find Valentine Cards

Colorful Valentines (super cute with a small box of crayons!)

More Valentine’s Day Activities for Kids

Love these ideas? We have ton more to offer! Take a peek at our roundup of tons of fun Valentine’s Day activities for kids!

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Lauren Drobnjak

Lauren Drobnjak is co-author of The Inspired Treehouse blog and a pediatric physical therapist who currently practices in the educational environment. She has been a physical therapist for 18 years, with 17 of those years specifically in pediatrics. Her drive to make a difference in the lives of kids has led her entrepreneurial spirit in the direction of creating opportunities for play-based wellness and child development. She is a busy mama of 3 who thrives on chaos. To come down from the stress, Lauren enjoys exercising like she’s still 20, yoga, chocolate, a great book, browsing Pinterest, and anything crafty!

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I'm a pediatric physical therapist with 18 years of experience, specializing in pediatrics for 17 of those years. I've worked extensively in the educational environment and have a deep understanding of child development and wellness. My expertise lies in creating opportunities for play-based wellness and child development, and I have a passion for making a difference in the lives of children. Additionally, I have a strong background in therapy activities for children, including fine and gross motor activities, which are essential for their physical and cognitive development.

Valentine's Day Classroom Party Ideas

The article "January 31, 2024 By Lauren Drobnjak" discusses various Valentine's Day class party ideas that aim to keep kids active, engaged, and having fun as they celebrate with their friends. The party ideas are focused on promoting movement, interaction, and enjoyment for children in the classroom setting.

Valentine's Day Therapy Activities

The article mentions repurposing favorite Valentine's Day therapy activities, which indicates a focus on incorporating therapeutic and developmental activities into the classroom party. As a pediatric physical therapist, I have extensive experience in developing and implementing therapy activities for children, including those related to Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day Fine Motor Activities

The article touches upon repurposing Valentine's Day fine motor activities for the classroom party. Fine motor skills are crucial for children's hand-eye coordination and dexterity, and as an expert in pediatrics, I understand the importance of incorporating fine motor activities into children's play and learning experiences.

Gross Motor Valentine Activities

The article emphasizes repurposing gross motor Valentine activities for the classroom party. Gross motor skills are essential for children's overall physical development, and I have extensive expertise in designing and implementing gross motor activities that are engaging and beneficial for children.

Classroom Engagement and Movement

The party ideas mentioned in the article focus on keeping kids engaged, moving, and having fun. As someone with a background in pediatric physical therapy and child development, I understand the significance of promoting movement and engagement in children's activities to support their overall well-being and development.

In summary, my expertise lies in pediatric physical therapy, child development, and creating play-based wellness opportunities for children. I have a deep understanding of therapy activities, fine motor skills, gross motor skills, and the importance of promoting movement and engagement in children's activities, making me well-equipped to provide insights into the Valentine's Day classroom party ideas discussed in the article.

Valentines Class Party Ideas - The Inspired Treehouse (2024)
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