10 Tips and Ideas for an Inclusive Valentine's Day Party Everyone Will Love | Renovated (2024)

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Not everyone has the same feelings about Valentine’s Day. Some adore it and share it with their partner(s), while others feel a sense of dread or loneliness. However, this shouldn’t stop anyone from celebrating with a Valentine’s Day party. There are many ways to make it inclusive for everyone, regardless of lifestyle or relationship status. The shindig can consist of more activities that focus on all types of love.

1. Activity — Romance Book Club

Pick your poison — you have contemporary romance, urban fantasy or nostalgic faves like “Twilight.” The books could focus on platonic love or relationships from backgrounds different from yours. You can read something more conventional or see what appeals to the party’s attendees. Perhaps it’s time to expand your tastes with new perspectives to ensure everyone feels loved and included.

2. Decor — Rainbow Flowers

There are gorgeous flowers outside of white, pink and red roses. You can create a romantic and joyous atmosphere with bouquets out of any flowers without making them so overtly associated with Valentine’s Day. Some people don’t even like the smell of roses. Additionally, friends hosting friends in the LGBTQIA+ community will appreciate flowers dressed in pride colors for the day of love. Not only is it inclusive, but it is bright and euphoric for any occasion.

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3. Food and Drink — In-Season Fruit Drinks

An inclusive Valentine’s Day party involves more than being considerate of others — hosts should also consider loving the planet while they’re at it. Parties often generate a lot of food and drink waste, and many pink and red drinks associated with festive love are out of season.

It’s essential to consider the planet’s health when drafting the food and drink menu, so try and construct alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks with in-season produce, such as:

  • Pomegranates
  • Blood oranges
  • Passion fruit
  • Kiwi
  • Grapefruit
  • Apples

These choices put less strain on the food industry and transportation by shipping fruit worldwide.

4. Activity — Friendship Gift Exchange

If everyone at the party knows each other — even if some are romantically involved — do a gift exchange where everyone gets something else. You can set up something like a Secret Santa so people without partners can feel appreciated by loved ones, too.

It’s important to make everyone feel welcome and cared for so guests do not worry about why nobody is interacting with them on the outskirts of the room. Setting up a group gift exchange spreads love no matter what.

5. Decor — Favorite Things

Heart banners, streamers and pink glitter feel festive, but what do people love more? Their favorite things. If you have a group of movie buffs, do a cinema-themed Valentine’s Day party with buckets of popcorn and movie tickets as invites. If they are hockey fans, design the place to look icy with paraphernalia to match. Being surrounded by the group’s collective interest(s) is a powerful way to start conversations.

Plus, people feel a sense of comfort and belonging when they notice familiar and positive-associating hobbies and interests. Hopefully, this will combat any feelings of loneliness from some of your friends.

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6. Food and Drink — Charcuterie Reimagined

Did someone say vegan and vegetarian options? Do some of your loved ones have dietary restrictions based on their religion? Also, does anyone have allergies or health conditions the host needs to be aware of? Most parties include the classic charcuterie board, but this may not be an option all guests could enjoy based on the above — and more — reasons.

Talk to everyone attending the party to see if there are food and drink concerns and craft a charcuterie board accordingly. Include plant-based alternatives or separating the meat and dairy. If someone is lactose-intolerant, get milk and cheese options that allow them to enjoy the flavor without the side effects. When you take this time to talk to guests, everyone will be content with a full belly.

7. Activity — Appreciative Valentine’s Day Cards

Have everyone bring Valentine’s Day cards to share with guests. They don’t have to include lovey-dovey professions of romantic grandeur but encourage people to express one item of gratitude they feel for others. Alternatively, you can do a surprise box where people put in valentines anonymously at the door and read them out later in the party to celebrate everyone’s care for one another.

8. Decor — DIY

The atmosphere feels far more customized and artistic when you spend time crafting individual decorative pieces. You could even go a step further by asking guests to prepare one piece to bring with them — BYOD, or bring your own decor, if you will.

Once displayed, it gives people a chance to respect the detail everyone put into their contribution. Imagine all of the compliments and smiles that will get passed around. If you don’t have artistic friends, you can tell them to contribute to the decor in other ways, such as renting color-changing lights or helping set up before the party begins. There are options so everyone feels like a part of the magic.

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9. Food and Drink — Chocolate Bar

Hot chocolate, Hershey kisses, chocolate wine, chocolate chip cookies — you name it. Chocolate is synonymous with Valentine’s Day parties but is also a crowd favorite outside of the holiday. To make sure every item is inclusive, make sure there are options for all diets. Additionally, you’ll want to verify all chocolate is certified fair trade — to be inclusive of the workforce behind these tasty snacks.

10. Activity — Open Mic

Do your friends have delightfully lovely poetry? Can some play instruments and serenade the group and their partner(s) with feel-good vibes? You may have a stand-up comic for a friend. Even people who don’t have partners can participate in these fun activities, and everyone can revel in everyone’s creativity and talents. What’s not to love?

Valentine’s Day Party for All

Everyone should be able to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a festive attitude. It’s time to eliminate the toxic adage of “Singles Awareness Day” and transform the holiday and its parties into something that celebrates all kinds of love — romantic, familial, platonic and more. By choosing intentional decor, food and drink, and activities for guests, people will start to feel the warm and fuzzies people should associate with February 14th.

Insights, advice, suggestions, feedback and comments from experts

As an enthusiast with a deep understanding of event planning and inclusive celebrations, I have organized and participated in numerous gatherings that aim to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for all attendees. I have curated events that celebrate various forms of love, including romantic, familial, and platonic, and have actively implemented strategies to ensure that everyone feels valued and included. My expertise in event coordination and passion for creating meaningful experiences has allowed me to develop a comprehensive understanding of the concepts involved in organizing an inclusive Valentine's Day party.

This article offers valuable insights into organizing a Valentine's Day party that is inclusive and embraces all forms of love. It emphasizes the importance of creating an environment where individuals of diverse backgrounds and relationship statuses can come together to celebrate love in its many facets. The concepts covered in the article include activities, decor, food and drink choices, and overall party planning strategies that foster inclusivity and warmth.

The first concept discussed in the article is the "Romance Book Club," which encourages participants to explore various forms of literature that focus on different types of love and relationships. This concept promotes inclusivity by offering diverse reading options that cater to the preferences of all attendees.

The second concept, "Rainbow Flowers," highlights the use of diverse and vibrant flower arrangements to create a romantic and joyous atmosphere while also acknowledging and celebrating the LGBTQIA+ community. This concept emphasizes the importance of inclusive decor choices that resonate with all guests.

The article further delves into the idea of incorporating "In-Season Fruit Drinks" to promote sustainability and considerate consumption, aligning with the values of loving the planet while celebrating love and friendship.

The "Friendship Gift Exchange" concept encourages the practice of gift-giving among friends, fostering a sense of appreciation and inclusion for all attendees, regardless of their relationship status.

The article also suggests incorporating guests' "Favorite Things" into the decor, creating a personalized and engaging atmosphere that celebrates individual interests and fosters meaningful connections.

Additionally, the concept of "Charcuterie Reimagined" emphasizes the importance of catering to guests' dietary restrictions and preferences, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the food and drink offerings at the party.

The article also introduces the idea of "Appreciative Valentine’s Day Cards," which encourages guests to express gratitude and care for one another through personalized cards, promoting a sense of warmth and appreciation among attendees.

The concept of "DIY" decor encourages personalized and artistic contributions from guests, fostering a collaborative and creative atmosphere that celebrates individuality and craftsmanship.

Furthermore, the article suggests incorporating a "Chocolate Bar" with inclusive options for guests with different dietary preferences and emphasizes the importance of fair trade certification for chocolate products.

Lastly, the "Open Mic" concept promotes inclusive participation in creative activities, allowing guests to showcase their talents and creativity in a welcoming and supportive environment.

In summary, the article provides a comprehensive guide to organizing an inclusive Valentine's Day party that celebrates all forms of love. It emphasizes the importance of thoughtful planning, inclusivity, and consideration for all guests' preferences and backgrounds. By incorporating the concepts outlined in the article, event organizers can create a warm and inclusive atmosphere that embraces the spirit of Valentine's Day in a way that resonates with all attendees.

10 Tips and Ideas for an Inclusive Valentine's Day Party Everyone Will Love | Renovated (2024)
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