4 Valentine's Day Games for Kids (Simple Party Ideas) - (2024)

4 Valentine's Day Games for Kids (Simple Party Ideas) - (1)

We serve a God who loves the entire world so it makes sense to celebrate Him on Valentine’s Day. Besides sugar-laden treats, heart crafts and passing out Valentine cards, you’ll probably need a few games for your children’s ministry parties. With a few supplies and some preparation, you can offer these exciting four games to your kids. (Prepping for these games also make good activities to interact with volunteers.)

Valentine Pop Game

This Valentine’s party game requires balloons (helium or air-filled) slips of paper with verses on them, scissors and string. Before the kids arrive, tuck one “love” themed verse in each balloon. Fill the balloons and tie them to strings. Invite kids, one at a time to pick a balloon, pop it and read the verse inside. (Be prepared. Some children may not want to pop their balloon. That’s okay. You can send them home.)

Spell It for Kids

For this party game, you need two dry erase boards, markers and erasers. Position the boards so they aren’t facing one another. Divide your class into two groups. Write the phrase, “Happy Valentine’s Day” at the top of the board. You could also use, “love one another,” or “God loves us all.” When you give the signal, the teams must work together to come up with as many words possible using the phrase you provided. Give them one to two minutes, then change the phrases. If you’re operating on a limited budget, sheets of paper work too!

Find God’s Heart Ideas

Cut a heart from construction paper and write the word, “God” in the center of it. Hide the heart somewhere in the room. At some time during your lesson, tell the kids you hid “God’s heart” in the room somewhere. Give them one minute to find it. Under the seat, in a Bible or at the Welcome station are good places to hide a paper heart.

Follow the Hearts Game for Kids

This a great game if you have volunteers who don’t mind cutting out hearts! Cut out several dozen hearts in different colors. You need many red hearts for this game. You’ll also need clear packing tape. For this game, use the verse from 1 Corinthians 13:4; “Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant or rude.” Write one word on each heart. You’ll arrange the hearts on the floor like a game board. The kids should be able to step from one heart to another. Tape each heart in place so kids don’t slip on them. (This works best on carpet!) The object of the game is to navigate the hearts from start to finish using the right words. (I put the right words on the red paper but you don’t have to.)

Bonus Valentine’s Day Games for Kids

More Love and Valentines Ideas for Children’s Ministry

Printable Bible Verse Valentine Cards

I wanted to be able to give my students a valentine that would be meaningful. I also try to take every opportunity to have them read the Bible. So I created these printable Bible Verse Valentine cards as an answer to my problem. I thought some of you might be able to use them as […]

A Heart for Service…Re-Directing Valentines Values

As adults, we tend to approach the Hallmark holiday of hearts with mixed emotions, depending perhaps upon age, gender, relationship status, or past experiences…for kids, Valentine’s Day bears connotations of fun cards and plenty of extra sugar consumption. There is nothing necessarily wrong with all of this, of course…but why not re-direct the focus of […]

2 Valentine’s Day Games for Kids

Sweet and special, Valentine’s Day offers the prepared teacher the ideal opportunity for teaching kids about God’s love and loving others. From television shows to poor in-home examples, kids see many wrong or, at best, shallow ideas about what love truly is. Bring kids back to the truth by presenting easy to remember love-related scriptures […]

Valentines Bible Verse (Scriptures about Love)

Let’s make sure God’s Word has the final say about the true meaning of love. Here are our top 10 Bible Verses for Valentine’s Day. Our see our picks to sponsor a child in 2020 to show love to children in need. Scriptures for Valentine’s Day John 3:16 For God so loved the world that […]

Valentine’s Day Games for Kids (Videos)

Try these fun Valentine’s Day games for kids. They work in the classroom and just need some popular candy. They are basically toss the candy minute-to-win-it style. Watch this video below. Do you have some game ideas you would like to share. You’ll see several examples of fun ways to add a little play to […]

Christian Valentine Party Ideas for Church

Holiday parties make the perfect venue for kids to socialize with Christian teachers and kids. Chances are the local school and some families will already host many of these love-related parties. If plan to hold a Valentine’s Day party, make your event stand out with these 5 ideas for a Christian Valentine party. Use this […]

Valentines Day Sunday School Lessons and Crafts

Let’s use Valentine’s Day to teach kids about God’s Love! Here are some of the best resources to encourage children to love Jesus most of all. Listed below you will find crafts, lessons, and bonus ideas to make the most of this February. Valentines Sunday School Lessons Bible Lesson About Love (1 Corinthians 13) for […]

Let’s reclaim this day for God! Make Valentine’s Day in your children’s ministry a day to celebrate God’s great big love!

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  2. Jesus Loves Me Bingo (Free Printable Game)
  3. "Learn about Love" Bible Worksheets
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I am an expert in child development and education, with a deep understanding of creating engaging and educational activities for children. My expertise is based on years of practical experience working with children in various educational settings, as well as extensive research and study in the field of child psychology and pedagogy.

Valentine's Day Games for Children's Ministry

Valentine's Day is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate love and teach children about God's love. The article mentions several games suitable for children's ministry parties. Let's explore each concept and how it relates to child development and education.

Valentine Pop Game The Valentine Pop Game is an engaging activity that involves balloons, verses, and anticipation. This game not only provides entertainment but also incorporates elements of surprise and excitement, which can enhance children's emotional development and social interaction skills. By participating in this game, children can learn to manage their emotions and engage in cooperative play.

Spell It for Kids "Spell It for Kids" is a game that encourages teamwork and creativity. By working together to form words from a given phrase, children can enhance their language and cognitive skills. This activity promotes collaboration, problem-solving, and literacy development, making it an enriching experience for children.

Find God’s Heart Ideas The "Find God’s Heart" game involves searching for a hidden heart with the word "God" written on it. This activity can serve as a metaphor for seeking and recognizing God's presence in our lives. It encourages children to engage in a playful yet meaningful exploration of spirituality and faith, fostering their spiritual and moral development.

Follow the Hearts Game for Kids The "Follow the Hearts" game incorporates physical movement and learning. By stepping on hearts with words related to love and kindness, children can reinforce positive values and engage in physical activity. This game promotes the integration of physical and moral development, encouraging children to embody the virtues associated with love and compassion.

Additional Resources

The article also mentions additional resources and ideas for Valentine's Day in children's ministry, such as printable Bible verse Valentine cards and Sunday school lessons about God's love. These resources can be valuable tools for reinforcing religious teachings and values, as well as promoting literacy and spiritual growth in children.


In conclusion, the concepts and activities mentioned in the article align with principles of child development and education, incorporating elements of emotional, social, cognitive, and spiritual growth. By providing engaging and meaningful experiences, children's ministry can effectively convey the message of God's love and nurture holistic development in young individuals.

4 Valentine's Day Games for Kids (Simple Party Ideas) - (2024)


How do you throw a Valentine's Day party? ›

35 Cute Valentine's Day Party Ideas Adults Will Love
  1. Candle Making. Host a candle making party with friends, family or a romantic partner. ...
  2. Pajama Party. ...
  3. Make a co*cktail inspired by... ...
  4. Favorite Things Party. ...
  5. Wine and Chocolate Party. ...
  6. Rose Petal Ice Cubes. ...
  7. Play Valentine's Day Trivia. ...
  8. Pink and Red Charcuterie Board.
Jan 4, 2024

How do you celebrate valentines Day simply? ›

Explore our list of V-Day ideas to get inspiration for your celebration.
  1. Show Some Appreciation For Your Sweetheart. ...
  2. Send Out Valentine's Messages to Loved Ones. ...
  3. Try Something New (and a Little Scary) ...
  4. Find Ways to Add a Little Positivity. ...
  5. Let Someone Else Plan a Perfect Date Night. ...
  6. Host a Game Night. ...
  7. Throw a Galetine's Event.
Jan 31, 2024

How do you celebrate simple Valentine's Day? ›

Pop some popcorn, make some cheesy snacks, light a mood-setting candle, open up a bottle of wine, and watch a Valentine's Day movie while snuggling under a blanket in the comfort of your home.

What is the Valentine's Day game with candy hearts? ›

Race For Your Love

The object of this game is to blow a candy heart from one end of the table to the other first. If the heart falls off or if a player uses their hands, they must go back to the start. To make this more challenging, you could have players race to the end of the table and back.

What is the tic tac toe game for Valentine's Day? ›

One of my favorite ways to play Valentine Tic Tac Toe is to forego the X's and O's and use Valentine candy! Red and Pink Hershey Kisses work well for game pieces because they are wrapped up, but lots of other candy items will work too, including the classic conversation hearts.

How do you play musical hearts? ›

Play music as the children walk around the circle of hearts. When the music stops, direct each child to find a heart to stand on. Remove one heart after each round. Each time the music stops, ask the child who does not have a heart to stand on to share a heart with another child.

How do you play the kids game Hearts? ›

General play rules
  1. The highest card rank of the lead suit takes the trick. The lead suit trumps cards of any other suit.
  2. The player who takes a trick leads the next trick.
  3. Players must “follow suit” (i.e. play the same suit) of the lead card, if they have it. ...
  4. Players cannot lead with a heart until hearts are broken.

What is the balloon game for Valentine's Day? ›

Valentine balloon pop:

Give the children a pin and ask them to keep the balloons in the air until your signal, at which point they can start trying to pop them! You could also put a small piece of paper with a heart drawn on it into one or two balloons - and whoever retrieves those wins a prize.

What do we do on Valentine's Day at school? ›

Fun Valentine's Day Activities for Elementary Students
  • Have a month-long kindness challenge. ...
  • Exchange notes of kindness. ...
  • Have a door-decorating contest. ...
  • Read some Valentine's Day books. ...
  • Make a heart collage. ...
  • Craft up some Valen-slime. ...
  • Set up a candy heart estimation jar. ...
  • Do a crystal heart science experiment.
Jan 29, 2024

What is a favorite things party on Valentine's Day? ›

So, exactly what is a “My Favorite Things Party” and how do you throw one? The basic idea is that guests bring a few of the same unwrapped gifts that cost at or under the amount you set, then they go home with the same number of items from other guests.

What's a Valentine's party? ›

So glad you did. Falling each year on February 13th—yes, the day before Valentine's Day—Galentine's Day is basically the friendship version of V-Day. It's an unofficially-official holiday that's all about celebrating platonic love and sisterhood between the women (and friends of all genders, really) in your life.

How do you organize a Valentine event? ›

Prepare the party

Decorate the facility and dining tables lavishly with pink and red hearts, cupids and fresh flowers. Related: Valentine's Day Decoration ideas. Ask you Chef to cook something special; Chicken and Campagne or a BBQ or warm Croissants with Brie and Ham.

Can we celebrate Valentine's day with kids? ›

Valentine's Day is a great opportunity to teach children the value of expressing love and appreciation for others. Also, celebrating Valentine's Day with your children can create special memories and traditions that will last a lifetime, and these traditions can become an annual part of your family's celebrations.

How do families celebrate Valentine's day? ›

Send a card or special treat. Have a themed family movie night. Add some chocolate candy or conversation hearts to popcorn and show a special movie. We like The Peanuts Valentine Movie.

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