14 Coolest Valentine's Day Games For Valentine's Party (2024)

Valentine’s Day is all about love, and what better way to celebrate it than by playing fun Valentine’s Day games together!

Your kids will have a blast, and so will you!

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1. Valentine’s Tic Tac Toe

This game is so simple that you’d think no one could ever lose. But it does happen.

a. DIY Valentine’s Tic Tac Toe

You can make your own with afoam heart! I made one of those, and it was well-loved.

Just draw the lines on a foam heart and use conversation hearts candy as game pieces.

Another option is to usewashi tapeto make the game board. Easy peasy. There are some super sweet options forValentine’s washi tape.

b. Tic Tac Toe In A Bag

I found this fun-lookingValentine’s Tic Tac Toeat Etsy.

You’ll get a bag and 10 glass pebbles with pink and red hearts.

The burlap drawstring bag is the game board! Store the X and O pieces in the bag when you are done playing.

This Valentine’s Day game makes a great Valentine’s gift or party favor.

2. Cupid’s Cups

14 Coolest Valentine's Day Games For Valentine's Party (2)

Items you need:

  • cups
  • Nerf gun and bullets

A couple of ways to play:

Stack cups (whatever amount you choose) on a table.

Option 1. Give a player a Nerf gun and a certain amount of bullets. He’ll use the gun to shoot the cups off the table. Whoever knocks the most cups off the table is the winner.

Option 2. Give a player one minute to knock off as many cups as possible.

14 Coolest Valentine's Day Games For Valentine's Party (3)

Easy fun!!

Hide a prize or several treats and send your kids looking for them with these Valentine’s Scavenger Hunt Clues.

3. Heart Toss

Conversation hearts come in handy at Valentine’s. Thankfully, they are super cheap! You can get a few boxes for a dollar at a dollar store.

Depending on the age of your contestants, use bowls or cups for this fun heart toss game.

  • Mark the cups with numbers for points.
  • Arrange the cups or bowls in any way you want.
  • The players try to toss the candy hearts in the cups. Whoever gets the most points wins.

4. Valentine’s Game Set

This printable Valentine’s Day game set is so cute!

Your little ones will have a marvelous time working on the

  1. Crossword Puzzle
  2. Count’em All
  3. Word Scramble
  4. Word Search
  5. Maze

Use the games at your Valentine’s party, give them as Valentine’s gifts or simply do them as fun Valentine’s activities in February.

5. Pin The Hearts on the Frog

Cover up the eyes and pin a heart on the frog. In this case, you don’t actually pin anything but simply place a heart sticker on the smiling frog with a crown.

6. Heart Race #1

14 Coolest Valentine's Day Games For Valentine's Party (4)

Items you need:

How to play:

Place the bowl of hearts at one end of the room. Scoop up a heart or two and race them to the finish line. Go back for more hearts.

7. Heart Race #2

Items you need:

How to play:

In this version, you carry a candy heart on a popsicle stick. Makes it a tiny bit more challenging than a spoon.

And if you want it to be even more difficult, try to transport foam hearts with the popsicle stick.

8. What’s Your Cupid Name

It is a cute activity for the kids to do as they arrive at your Valentine’s party.

Kids love funny names and will find this ice breaker game hilarious.

Get theCupid Namegame!

You could also do this activity as a family and call each other by the cupid name on Valentine’s Day or during the first two weeks of Feb.

14 Coolest Valentine's Day Games For Valentine's Party (5)

Adults like to have fun too!

Play the Valentine’s Games for Adults at your party or with your spouse and make great memories.

9. Valentine’s Bean Bag Toss

This Valentine’s Monster bean bag toss game is quite adorable.

Toss the bean bags through the various size holes and earn points!

Cute inexpensive fun!

Countdown To Valentine’s Day

14 Coolest Valentine's Day Games For Valentine's Party (6)

Use the fun free Valentine’s printable to make plans for the actual day or the days leading to Valentine’s.

  • Do a countdown from 14-1, counting how many more nights till Valentine’s Day
  • Plan activities for days 1-14
  • Write down 14 fun things to do on Valentine’s Day
  • Write sweet messages in the hearts and put them in your child’s lunch box or somewhere in the house

10. Valentine’s Trivia

These are geared towards older teens or adults since most little kids probably aren’t familiar with chick flicks or love songs.

Clean Valentine’s fun for teens and adults.

Test your knowledge on love songs and chick flicks with this Valentine’s Trivia from Pretty Printables Ink.

11. Arrows Through the Hoop

Be a cupid and shoot arrows! In this case, Q-tips or Nerf gun bullets (pink onesto go with the theme).

What you need:

  1. straws and q-tips OR nerf gun and bullets
  2. embroidery hoops
  3. foam or cardstock hearts


Hang upembroidery hoopsin various sizes. You could decorate them with pink or red ribbons, foam hearts, etc.

Add a number tag on them to indicate how many points you receive if you get your “arrow” through it.

Foam or cardstock hearts would work great as the tags for writing the points on. Just hang or glue them on the hoops.


Put a Q-tip inside a straw and blow it out. Or use the Nerf gun. The object of the game is to get the bullets through the hoops and collect the most points.

12. Valentine’s Emoji Game

What would our lives be like without emojis! They provide such a fantastic way to express what you want to say.

This Valentine’s emoji game from Enjoy My Printables is a sweet way to celebrate Valentine’s Day filled with love… and emojis!

13. Valentine’s Left Right Game

Valentine’s left right gamemakes a great Valentine’s game for a large group.

The guests pass gifts to the right or left while the cute Valentine’s story is read. You’ll have fun playing this game at home or at a class Valentine’s party.

14. Valentine’s Treasure Hunt

Hide a treasure or several treats and send the kids on an adventure to find them.

31 Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt Clues

A quick way to make Valentine’s Day special for your teen or tween.

Cool Stuff Coming Your Way

  • planner and answers
  • 7 code cards
  • 8 word scramble cards
  • 16 riddle cards

Total of 31 clues to choose from.
With this many clues you can use these for more than one scavenger hunt.

Check out Valentine’s Scavenger Hunt Clues at our store ShopRelaxedHostess.com

Currently available only in the USA. Digital product. Pdf file. 30-day money back guarantee.

14 Coolest Valentine's Day Games For Valentine's Party (7)

Take a look at these unique Valentine’s gift basket ideas for teen daughter.

Make Valentine’s Day Memories

Great memories make life sweet. Have easy everyday fun with your kids and make memories that last a lifetime.

Make the days leading to Valentine’s sweet with these14 Valentine’s Day Activities. You’ll have a fantastic time!

P.S. Save for later! My Tuesday Therapy is here to help you to make Great Memories!

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As an expert and enthusiast, I have personal experiences or emotions, but I can provide you with information related to Valentine's Day games. Here are some concepts used in the article:

  1. Valentine's Tic Tac Toe: This is a simple game where you can make your own game board using a foam heart and use conversation hearts candy as game pieces. Another option is to use washi tape to create the game board.

  2. Cupid's Cups: In this game, you stack cups on a table and give a player a Nerf gun and bullets. The player shoots the cups off the table, and the one who knocks off the most cups wins.

  3. Heart Toss: This game involves using conversation hearts as throwing objects. You can mark cups with numbers for points and arrange them in any way you want. Players try to toss the candy hearts into the cups, and the one with the most points wins.

  4. Valentine's Game Set: This is a printable game set that includes a crossword puzzle, count'em all, word scramble, word search, and maze. It can be used at a Valentine's party or as a Valentine's gift.

  5. Pin The Hearts on the Frog: This game involves blindfolding the players and placing heart stickers on a smiling frog with a crown.

  6. Heart Race: There are two versions of this game. In the first version, players use spoons to race tiny foam hearts from one end of the room to the finish line. In the second version, players carry candy hearts or foam hearts on popsicle sticks.

  7. What's Your Cupid Name: This is an activity where kids come up with funny names and call each other by their "Cupid names". It can be done as an ice breaker game at a Valentine's party or as a family activity.

  8. Valentine's Bean Bag Toss: This game involves tossing bean bags through various size holes and earning points.

  9. Valentine's Trivia: This is a trivia game geared towards older teens or adults, testing their knowledge on love songs and chick flicks.

  10. Arrows Through the Hoop: In this game, players shoot Q-tips or Nerf gun bullets through embroidery hoops to collect points.

  11. Valentine's Emoji Game: This game uses emojis to express different Valentine's Day-related phrases or words.

  12. Valentine's Left Right Game: This game is played in a large group, where guests pass gifts to the right or left while a Valentine's Day story is read.

  13. Valentine's Treasure Hunt: This is an adventure game where kids search for hidden treasures or treats based on clues.

These are just a few examples of Valentine's Day games mentioned in the article. There are many more fun activities and games you can explore to celebrate Valentine's Day with your loved ones.

14 Coolest Valentine's Day Games For Valentine's Party (2024)
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