Valentine's Day Party Activities and Theme Day! - (2024)

Love is in the air, and candy hearts are flying around the classroom! It is certainly time to celebrate love, friendship, and, of course, Valentine’s Day! Valentine’s Day is so much fun for our youngest learners, and celebrating is necessary! Look at some of the fun Valentine’s party activities and theme day that are both low-prep and full of love and learning!

Valentine's Day Party Activities

You either love or hate Valentine’s Day while in the classroom. The candy, the Valentine’s Day mailboxes, the passing out of valentines. It can all become a little overwhelming. But these Valentine’s Day activities can make it more fun and less stress!

If you are looking for something for your ENTIRE day, check out these Valentine’s Day party activities below!

Valentine’s Stations!

Theme Days are so much fun, and Valentine’s Stations will be the best fit for a theme day for Valentine’s Day! These low-prep station activities will have those hearts bursting with joy, and your teacher’s heart will be full because the kiddos will still be learning through all that fun! Included are math, writing, and some really creative fun activities, perfect for those of us who are overwhelmed with the idea of planning an entire theme day! Morning work and coloring pages are included, a headband template is too, and all of the stations include mystery pictures, opinion writing, a unicorn craft and writing, verbs, riddles, and direction activities! This is truly a full day of learning! You have to check it out here!

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Valentine’s Digital Theme Day!

This bundle is 100% complete and has very little prep. Just set it up and go! This bundle includes reading activities, mindfulness, dancing, games, and so much more. This will fill your entire school day. Digital Theme Day is great for virtual academies home learning, or regular classrooms using digital tools too. Included are tons of great videos, slides, book connections, drawings, doodling, read-alouds, games, and the list goes on! Use some or all of it and make your Valentine’s Day memorable! Take a look here!

Now, who’s looking for some crafts to add excitement to the Valentine’s Day part activities?

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Valentine’s Day Rocket Craft!

One more really cool craft is the Rocket Craft for collecting all of those Valentines! Using the theme, “My Friends are out of this World,” this rocket craft is to decorate your kiddos’ Valentine card collection bags. This would be a great start prior to students handing out Valentines to the class! Grab it here!

Donut Craft!

Are you looking for an activity to spread the love in your classroom on Valentine’s Day? This would be the best addition to the Valentine’s Day Party, and kids will love creating these donut crafts! Our young learners will work on writing, fine motor skills, cutting, gluing, following directions, listening, and, of course, creativity. There are two different writing options, and they will be perfect for a Valentine’s Day bulletin board and celebration! Grab this one here.

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Valentine's Day Party Activities and Theme Day! - (10)

Valentine Bracelets!

This adorable activity will have the students thinking about what they love most, but also making adorable bracelets that they can take home to share with their families. Pair this with some Valentine’s Day-themed read-alouds, like Love Monster by Rachel Bright, or other books about what we love and this is an ideal companion activity for your Valentine’s Theme Day or party. Students will select a color to represent each person or thing they love and add to their bracelets! Valentine Bracelets are a really cool project and even help with conceptual understanding of how one thing relates to another! Grab it here!

Coloring Book!

Who doesn’t love a good coloring book? This is a must-have for your Valentine’s Day Theme Day or party! Coloring is a sweet spot for relaxation or early finishers. These coloring pages include sweet images of elephants, sloths, and lots more images of love! What a wonderful contribution to Valentine’s Day! Save them for indoor recess or early finishers in the future too. The Valentine’s Coloring Book with 80 unique pages is available here!

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Valentine's Day Party Activities and Theme Day! - (13)

DINO-MITE Valentine’s Day craft!

Oh my, these are so adorable. You’re going to love this one. The Dino-Mite craft is such an incredible craft for Valentine’s Day. Kids practice cutting, and fine motor skills, but do a little writing too! Included are writing templates with variations in lines with two options, “I’m Dino-Mite!” or “My Class is Dino-Mite.” Dino-Mite will be an adorable bulletin board too.This is so much fun! Grab it here.

Heart Craftivity!

Another fun craft is the Heart Craftivity! It is an excellent addition to Valentine’s Day Theme Day and Party because it is all about how being kind is sweet! Included are all of the craft parts that students can color or you can print on colored paper and bulletin board letters, “Being Kind is Sweet!” Also, there are writing templates with 3 different handwriting line choices and even a blank prompt for drawing! Get this must-have here!

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Valentine's Day Party Activities and Theme Day! - (15)

Looking for other bulletin board ideas? Click here.

More Valentine’s Day Party Activities and Fun

Games, Challenges, and More! What is a Valentine’s Day party without some games? If you are looking for more than just Valentine’s Day party activities. Take a look to see some options for games, puzzles, and more.

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Read My Brain!

This is a super fun twist on the game Guess Who! It is so low prep, ready to use over and over each year, and the kids are going to love it! Students will ask a series of yes or no questions to determine the mystery picture, practicing generating questions, using the process of elimination, and using clues to think about an answer. This must-have is available here!

Doodle Challenge-Digital Riddles!

Let’s put those thinking skills to the test with Digital Riddles that are all Valentine’s Day-themed! Of course, this would be perfect for morning meetings, indoor recess, or just to get those creative thinking juices flowing. This is so little prep and the best idea to add a little more thinking fun into your Valentine’s Theme Day! Get them here.

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Valentine's Day Party Activities and Theme Day! - (18)

Valentine’s Day, Brain Boomers!

Another must-have is Valentine’s Brain Boomers! These puzzles, mazes, comic making, drawing, tracing, math challenges, and so much more are essential for some critical brain growth, and of course, they are a ton of fun! Grab these early and use them all month, not just for the party! They are available here!

You Make My Heart Melt!

This is another super fun game that students will have a kick out of playing. This zoom-in game is Valentine’s themed, and kids will have a blast trying to figure out what the image is zoomed in. Then, the camera will slowly zoom out and reveal the image! Have so much fun with this one, and grab it here.

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Share the love this Valentine’s Day, and make sure you have everything you need for the theme day that all the kids will remember! From crafts to games to lots of learning in disguise, it will definitely be a memorable day! I can’t wait to hear what you used for your Valentine’s Theme Day and Party!

Valentine's Day Party Activities and Theme Day! - (2024)
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