50+ Gen-Z Slang Terms From TikTok and Other Young Platforms — Best Life (2024)

First, they came for our skinny jeans. Then they came for our side parts. And the whole time, they were also picking apart the way we speak. That's right, Gen-Z has taken a bulldozer to our current lexicon, and it's causing confusion all over the web. According to data collected by the Movchan Agency, searches for "Gen-Z slang" are up by 123 percent, and curiosity about "Gen-Z words" has increased by 86 percent. The surprising part? Some of what's out there isn't even really new. There are certain slang words that look the same and sound the same as ones we use but possess wildly different meanings from the ones they were previously assigned. To help you keep up, we've put together a dictionary of our own. Check out the list below to learn what the youngsters are really saying when they use Gen-Z slang.

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Gen-Z Terms for Dating and Relationships

50+ Gen-Z Slang Terms From TikTok and Other Young Platforms — Best Life (1)


A term of endearment used interchangeably with "baby."

Use Example: "Hey bae, what do you want to do for your birthday this year?"


A way of describing a stereotypical, co*cky male. It's often used sarcastically and with a negative connotation.

Use Example: "I can't stand being around him, he is the ultimate Chad."


A shortened version of the term "dime-piece," or a beautiful woman; a 10-out-of-10.

Use Example: "Did you see that dime that just walked into the bar?"


A term used to express praise or excitement when seeing a beautiful and curvaceous woman in real life.

Use Example: "Gyat! She looks good."


To seduce or successfully attract someone.

Use Example: "Did you see Brian at the bar last night? I swear every time we go out he ends up pulling at least five girls."


A word used to describe someone with swagger and the ability to seduce easily.

Use Example: "I can't believe Pete Davidson has landed so many beautiful women. He must have incredible rizz."


A derogatory way to describe someone who is overly submissive or who extends themselves often while getting nothing in return.

Use Example: "He should really stop doing everything for her, he's looking like such a simp."


A romantic relationship that is undefined and noncommittal.

Use Example: "I'm kind of over this situationship, it's been going on for months now."


An older man who is attractive, fashionable, confident, and well-versed in the ways of seduction.

Use Example: "Did you see that guy in the parking lot? He was a total zaddy."

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Gen-Z Slang Terms for "Cool"

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A way to describe someone who is authentically and unapologetically themselves. The term was originally used in reference to individuals addicted to cocaine but was later reclaimed by rapper Lil B for being yourself. The phrase has also been adopted by the alt-right as a way to praise someone.

Use Example: "That guy is so based, he never backs down about anything."


A way of saying something is interesting or cool.

Use Example: "That movie was cash!"


A new way of describing something as great or fantastic.

Use Example: "Your look is fire today."


You've most likely heard someone use this word in reference to music, though the term can be used to describe other things as "excellent" or "amazing."

Use Example: "This song slaps."


The term "slay" is used to describe someone who has done something exceptionally well. It's believed the slang evolved out of black drag and ballroom culture, particularly about hair, make-up, or dance moves.

Use Example: "Did you see her outfit? She absolutely slayed it last night."

Understood the Assignment

Gen-Zers typically use this phrase to acknowledge someone who has done a great job or exceeded expectations. The term took off in 2021 after being featured in Tay Money's song "The Assignment."

Use Example: "That costume looks great on her. She really understood the assignment."

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Gen-Z Lingo to Use Over Text

50+ Gen-Z Slang Terms From TikTok and Other Young Platforms — Best Life (3)


"Answer the phone."


"Better be going."


"Let's f**king go."


"Like my status."


"In case you missed it…"


"If you know you know."


"Not gonna lie."


"On my way!"


"Right now."


"That feeling when…"

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Gen-Z Slang Terms You Really Should Know

50+ Gen-Z Slang Terms From TikTok and Other Young Platforms — Best Life (4)


A slang term of affirmation used in the same way as "You can count on it" or "You bet."

Use Example: Them: "You want to grab lunch tomorrow?" You: "Bet."

Bombastic Side Eye

A dirty look given to express judgment or disgust. The trend took off on social media with people uploading videos of themselves performing the look in response to cringy or uncomfortable situations. There's even a song available to accompany the material.

Use Example: "He was getting so much bombastic side eye, even I felt embarrassed.


This word used to describe a type of movement and then became another way to refer to a hit song or sound. Today, younger generations are using it in reference to people who frequently post images of themselves or their bodies to social media.

Use Example: "Did you see the video they posted last week? What a bop."


What used to be known as BFF, or "best friends forever," has now turned into BSF, or "best sister/sibling friends." The term can be applied to any best friend whom someone feels as close to as family.

Use Example: "My BSF always has my back."


A term is used to describe tasty or delicious food. Its original use is uncertain, but some believe it was once used to describe food "bursting" with flavor. In 2023, The New York Times listed it as one of the inaugural terms in the first African American English dictionary.

Use Example: "Have you been to the new restaurant in town? That food is bussin.'"

Cap/No Cap

This one took off on social media, but both terms actually pre-date Gen-Z by several decades. Dictionary.com reports that this phrase first emerged during the early 1900s as a way to describe a brag or exaggeration. Thanks to Gen-Z, the term is back in circulation, with "cap" insinuating that something is untrue and "no cap" used to describe a truthful statement.

Use Example: Them: "You can't be serious right now." You: "I promise, no cap."


If you're reading this article, you are in great danger of being cheugy. The term typically refers to people who are out of date and trying too hard. The word appeared in a viral TikTok video in 2021 and gained popularity soon thereafter.

Use Example: "Did you see that graphic tee she was wearing? It was so cheugy."


A cute way of saying something is crazy, often used in humorous and unserious situations.

Use Example: "I have been slammed at work, this week has been cray-cray."


Previous generations may recognize this term as slang for "an unattractive, boring, or colorless person," but members of the Gen-Z age group prefer using it as a compliment, particularly about a well-dressed, trendy person.

Use Example: "Did you see how he was dressed? He's got drip."


A way of describing someone who is either high, drunk, or under the influence in some capacity. It can also be used to describe someone's slowed or delayed responses.

Use Example: "She's faded, I think it's time to take her home."


A way of expressing you're gearing up to do something used in African American Vernacular English (AAVE) and Southern American English.

Use Example: "I'm finna go to the movies."

Glow Up

A slang phrase used to describe a significant improvement in someone's physical appearance over time.

Use Example: "Have you seen how different she looks? What a glow-up!"


These phrases describe a range of interests in someone or something. While "low-key" indicates more subtle feelings, "high-key" is used to describe extreme intrigue.

Use Example: "I am low-key interested in what people will think of this new Taylor Swift album."

Hits Different

A way to state that something or someone has a distinct impact or influence on you.

Use Example: "That new exhibition really hits different."

Hot Take

A strongly worded opinion often used to provoke or get a reaction.

Use Example: "Here's my hot take: Men are dogs."


A word to describe someone who is extremely intoxicated.

Use Example: "Did you see Samantha last night? She was lit!"

Main Character Energy

This term is typically used to describe or refer to someone who wants to be the center of attention, though can also be applied to people who are unintentionally viewed as if they are a protagonist in a story or series.

Use Example: "Have you met Emily? She's nice but she gives off some real main character energy."

OK Boomer

A dismissive or sarcastic response to an older person, typically a member of the baby boomer generation. Widespread usage of the term began on TikTok in response to another video asserting that members of the Gen-Z and millennial generation "don't ever want to grow up." In 2019, The New York Times wrote that the term "marks the end of friendly generational relations."

Use Example: Them: "Kids today don't even know what it means to get their hands dirty." You: "OK, boomer."

Pop Off

To become upset or initiate an argument.

Use Example: "Tell her to leave me alone because I'm about to pop off."

Rent Free

Something that you think about often and enthusiastically, even if it's random or unimportant."

Use Example: "Those videos of a cat with a camera attached to his collar live rent-free in my head."

Say Less

A funny way of saying "Stop talking" or "No need to go any further." While Gen-Z has helped repopularize the term, it's believed to have appeared online as early as 2011. Canadian musician Roy Woods released an album calledSay Less in 2017, and, in 2019, R&B artist Ashanti released a song with the same title. The phrase really took off after it was featured in a 2021 SNL skit titled "Gen-Z Hospital," however.

Use Example: Them: "Don't forget, I need you to give me a ride home tomorrow." You: "Say less, I'll be there."

Sleeping On

Letter Solver is a company that deals with word generation and in 2023, they analyzed over 200 slang terms listed on Urban Dictionary to determine the most popular Gen-Z term among users. "Sleeping on," meaning ignoring or overlooking something, was voted the most-liked term on the list.

Use Example: "I'm telling you this artist is amazing, you've got to stop sleeping on her new song."


A way of saying someone looks flawless, well-styled, or very attractive. We can largely thank Ru Paul's Drag Race for bringing this one into the mainstream. The term can also be used interchangeably with "fierce" or "on-point."

Use Example: "This outfit is amazing on you, you look so snatched."


To express your loyalty and support for someone or something.

Use Example: "We stan Britney Spears forever and always."


Something that seems sketchy or suspicious.

Use Example: "Is everything OK? You've been acting a little sus these past few weeks."

Take Several Seats

You can use this slang term in instances where someone is being extremely irritating or annoying.

Use Example: "Before you go any further, I would suggest you take several seats and stop talking."

Vibe Check

A phrase used to assess the general mood or atmosphere surrounding an individual, a group, or a specific situation.

Use Example: "How is everyone feeling this morning? Can we get a vibe check?"


While this term first popped up in 2014 when rap artist Quill released a song by the same name, it's now typically used as an exclamation of excitement or triumph.

Use Example: "I turn 21 today! Yeet yeet!

50+ Gen-Z Slang Terms From TikTok and Other Young Platforms — Best Life (2024)
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