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Lego Roses Botanical Collection Kit Infmetry Love Note Capsules Yana Heart Embrace Pillow Atlas Coffee Club V-Day Coffee and Chocolate Gift Set Uncommon Goods Mates for Life Print by Jacqueline Schmidt Sakuraco Gift Subscription Puno Prints Custom Faceless Portrait Frisco Valentine Box of Chocolates Hide-and-Seek Dog Toy MeUndies Matching Underwear Plants.com Hoya Heart Succulent Sur La Table Date Night Cooking Class ‘I Wrote a Book About Us’ by M.H. Clark and Justine Edge Lovebox Limited-Edition Keith Haring Lovebox Lamp Idea Studio Couple Custom Mini Figures The Night Sky Star Map Classic Print Lovepop Star Wars Darth Vader Galactic Love Bouquet Songfinch Original Song Uncommon Originals Snuggle Up Footsie Blanket First Jewelry Design Date Night Dice Lime and Lou Custom 3D Acrylic Song Lyrics Plaque Minted One Perfect Year Print Papier Chequered Hearts Hardcover Notebook Fujifilm Instax Mini 12 Instant Camera Veicevol Photo Album With Writing Space Uncommon Originals Date Night Fondue Set Bond Touch Bracelet Plufl Human Dog Bed MagicWoOod Personalized Wooden Magic Box BaubleBar Puffy Heart 18-Karat-Gold Custom Pendant Necklace Mahoganut Morse Code Key Ring Tushy Classic 3.0 Uncommon Goods Personalized Pushpin World Map by Wendy Gold Drunk In Love: A Drinking Game for Couples Comme des Garçons Play x Converse Chuck Taylor Hidden Heart High-Top Sneaker Letterfest The Story of Us Illustration Uncommon Goods Personalized Ticket to Love Box by Sandrine Froehle Uncommon Originals The Kissing Mugs Lovedriven Love Gloves Tree Town Paper Photo Locket Cufflinks Luna Bean Hand Casting Kit Estelle Colored Glass Handblown Wine Glasses, Set of 6 Maude Burn Massage Candle ShineSand Custom Face Socks Oakdene Designs Personalized Couples Large Matchbox M. Cacao Expressio Custom Chocolate Video Box Esther Perel Where Should We Begin? A Game of Stories Knack Popcorn & Movie Night Gift Set Recess Pickleball Classic Set More recommendations More recommendations FAQs

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By Noelle Ike, CNN Underscored

Updated 5:51 PM EST, Thu February 8, 2024

48 unique Valentine’s Day gifts to give in 2024 | CNN Underscored (1)

With every relationship being just as unique as the individuals in it, why limit ourselves to generic Valentine’s Day gifts? This year, consider skipping the flowers or chocolates and opt for a unique gift that they’ll cherish for years to come.

Whether it’s a personalized memento that represents a memory or milestone you share, a smart gadget that shows someone you’re thinking of them throughout the day or the perfect date-night activity, we’re big proponents of Valentine’s Day gifts that do more than just get the job done.

These romantic gift ideas can bring you closer together, help you create new memories or just show your special someone how much they mean to you. Below, we’ve compiled 48 unique Valentine’s Day gifts at a range of price points, perfect for the person who’s captured your heart this Valentine’s Day (and beyond).

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Honor the nerd in your life with these Lego roses. Not only will they last forever, but putting them together can be a fun activity to do together. Keep them on display in your living room or home office well after the holiday as a reminder of how much you’re loved.

For those of us who couldn’t resist passing notes to our crush in class, these love note capsules are a nostalgic way to show appreciation for your partner over time. Each of the 90 capsules comes with a blank piece of paper inside that you can personalize. Fill them with love notes, daily affirmations or exciting date ideas to try together.

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We’re big fans of Yana’s body pillow, but the brand also makes this adorable heart-shaped pillow that provides just enough weight to help relieve stress. Underscored readers can get 50% off with the code CNNHEART, now through Feb. 29.

Atlas Coffee Club offers regular gift subscriptions year-round, but you can snag a limited-edition option for Valentine’s Day. This delicious duo is a coffee and chocolate gift set that comes with six gourmet chocolate bars and six bags of specialty coffee (either ground or whole beans). It’s also a great last-minute gift because you can send it via email if you’re short on time.

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We’re suckers for meaningful artwork, and this print, while it may look just like a collection of different animals, can be a reminder and display of your commitment to each other. Each of the creatures featured in Jacqueline Schmidt’s work of art forms a bond with another of their species for life.

Sakuraco is a Japanese subscription box that sends you 20 authentic snacks, as well as tea and small kitchenware, every month. The brand’s Valentine’s Indulgence box (available now through Feb. 15) is perfect for the loved one who appreciates Japanese cuisine. It comes with unique snacks like Mini Heart Arare, Chili Oil Ebi Senbei and Peach Dorayaki.

If you’re considering getting a favorite picture framed this Valentine’s Day, these trendy faceless portraits are a fun and inexpensive way to take your gift to the next level. There are tons of custom options available for under $10, and your image is ready to download within a couple of days.

For the dedicated dog parent in your life, a gift for their four-legged child might just be the way to their heart. If so, this box of chocolate-shaped plush toys is worth checking out. The squeaky toys hide inside and can be pulled out of the plush heart-shaped box to keep their pup busy.

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Editor Favorite

MeUndies creates some of the most comfortable and fun underwear, and Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to get you and your partner an irresistible matching pair. Through the site, you’re able to select both your and your boo’s preferred style and sizing, and MeUndies will present a range of matching design options for you to choose from.

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If your partner’s not a fan of the typical teddy bears or red roses, opting for something more subtle —but no less thoughtful — could be a winning strategy this Valentine’s Day. Gifting a plant is always a romantic move, and this adorable heart-shaped succulent is irresistible for just about anyone with a bit of a green thumb.

Cooking classes are a foolproof date night for a reason. They’re interactive and romantic, and you end the night with delicious meals. What’s not to love? Sur La Table’s extensive range of cooking classes, which feature everything from a Tuscan pasta dinner to sushi for two to an evening in Paris, are absolutely perfect for any experience-loving couple.

A cute date activity that can also become a special keepsake, this fill-in-the-blank book — all about your relationship — is a fun and romantic way to reflect on what you love about each other and what makes your love truly one of a kind.

Whether you’re in a long-distance relationship or just don’t get to spend a lot of time together, Valentine’s Day can be a great excuse to splurge on something that’ll make your communications even more special. The Lovebox is a connected messaging device that enables you to send photos, drawings and little notes to your loved one through an app. Once a message is received, the heart of the Lovebox spins to notify the recipient, who then can send back a waterfall of hearts. This specific model features reproductions of Keith Haring’s iconic artwork, making for a really gorgeous piece of decor.

If a portrait or framed photo isn’t quite your partner’s thing, maybe a custom mini figure is more their speed. Personalized and made using digital printing technology, the designer will work with you to get the look and outfit of these figures just right. Once it’s shipped to you (or your partner), putting the figures together is another fun project to take on together.

If you’re looking for a way to commemorate a special moment in time, these star maps are an easy gift idea that turns into a truly unique work of art. Simply select the time and location you have in mind, and the site’s software creates a gorgeous rendering of the sky and the stars at that exact moment. There are a couple of customization options available, and all maps are printed on museum-grade art matte paper.

Whether your partner has allergies or just struggles to keep flowers alive, Lovepop’s intricate paper bouquets are a great alternative to the traditional Valentine’s Day gift. This Star Wars-themed gift is a nerdy delight. You’ll find Darth Vader and stormtrooper helmets popping up among a collection of pink and red roses, and a message on the front that reads, “Together we can rule the galaxy!”

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For the partner who has it all, consider skipping a physical gift altogether! Songfinch connects you with talented songwriters and artists to create a custom, radio-quality song just for your special someone. Simply select the artist whose style and voice you like best, use Songfinch’s prompts and suggestions to hone in on the story you want to tell through the music and your brand-new song will be ready in a week or less.

No more recoiling in shock from your partner’s cold feet! This adorable heart-shaped blanket has a chic sweater-knit exterior and plush inner lining. It has a great amount of weight to it at 8 pounds, and the best part is the plush pocket at the bottom of the heart, which is perfect for keeping your tootsies warm.

We’ve all been there: You’re ready for a date night but not quite sure exactly what the next move is. What do you get for dinner, and what type of movie are you watching? These cute date night dice are a fun way to help you make a decision and maybe even try something new! We’d recommend mixing one food dice with one date dice for optimal variety.

If you’re a couple with a special song, this acrylic plaque is a really sweet way to celebrate any piece of music with lyrics. The lyrics and words are printed at crystal-clear clarity, and the substantial freestanding acrylic block is hefty and luxurious.

Whether you’ve been together for years or 12 months on the dot, this custom print is a thoughtful way to remember the very best moments, memories and experiences you’ve shared from the past year.

A good notebook is useful for so many things: writing love letters, romantic poetry, the list goes on! For anyone who is hoping to be more reflective, we can’t recommend Papier’s stationary enough. Everything is high-quality, luxe and just a joy to use. The holiday-appropriate hardcover design? Just another huge plus.

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If your Valentine values experiences and memories, a film camera can be the perfect unfiltered way to remember and capture those special moments. This easy-to-use instant camera from Fujifilm is cute and compact enough to carry around on all your adventures.

Whether it's being paired with a new camera or your Valentine already has one of their own, this photo album comes with perfectly sized pockets for Instax Mini photos and standard dimensions for similar instant photo devices. We love the blank spaces around each of the photo slots, which are perfect for recording dates and inside jokes.

There are quite a few at-home fondue sets on the market, but none are nearly as cute as this one. The heart-shaped ceramic fondue pot is perfect for Valentine’s Day or any date night, while the gorgeous acacia wood tray is ideal for holding all your favorite bites and snacks to dip. It even comes with arrow-shaped skewers, just like the ones Cupid has — everything you need for an intimate night in.

For couples in a long-distance relationship, the little, everyday moments are often when you feel the absence of your partner the most. These bracelets from Bond Touch are simple in concept: Both you and your partner wear one throughout the day, and they allow you to send and receive “touches.” A gentle vibration will signal your partner’s bracelet when you touch yours, and vice versa. It’s a perfect way to let your partner know you’re thinking of them without having to send a text or schedule a call.

Editor Favorite

Is it ridiculous? Yes. Is it perfect for people who love cuddling? Absolutely. While this viral human-sized dog bed is on the pricier end, it’s an undeniably fun way to honor the activity that couples and families (especially those with furry friends) do often, if not every day.

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For anyone who loves romantic gestures, we can’t recommend this wooden magic box enough. Despite sounding like part of an at-home magic kit, it’s actually pretty simple to use. Submit the message you’d like the box to project, and the designers will etch it into a handmade box. Once it’s shipped to you, light the included candle, place it inside the box, and your romantic message is projected onto the wall.

If you’re shopping for someone who loves Valentine’s Day jewelry, opting for a customizable style is a foolproof way to make it way more personal and show that you put that extra bit of thought in. This adorable and on-trend puffy heart pendant is classic and romantic, and it can be customized with up to four characters.

For the partner who might not be super into PDA, this discreet key ring is a wonderful way to keep you on their mind throughout the day. Personalize it by adding your own romantic message, spicy note or inside joke, which will be engraved into a gorgeous, high-quality piece of African Mahogany wood.

Best Tested

Long-term couples out there know conversations about toilets and bathrooms will inevitably make it into your relationship. We’ve been longtime proponents of bidets here at CNN Underscored, because trust us: Once you try it, you just can’t go back. This under-$100 option from Tushy is the best on the market.

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If you’re a couple that travels a lot (or is making goals to travel together more), this pushpin map is an interactive way to keep track of your adventures. It can be personalized with your names and anniversary date, and is then shipped to you framed and mounted on a foam core — 100 pins included.

If you’re looking to spice up your next date night, this couple’s game was created by a real-life couple that was “looking to fill a date night void during quarantine.” The concept is to either complete the action on the card (which could be a dare or question you need to answer) or take a drink.

For the fashion-loving partner, these classic sneakers come with a fun touch that’s perfectly on brand for Valentine’s Day. A collaboration between Comme des Garçons Play and Converse, these gender-inclusive sneakers boast the vintage street style of your favorite Chucks with the iconic yet playful heart imagery of Comme des Garçons.

Pay homage to the places that have played an important role in your relationship with a gorgeous custom illustration. Each piece features room for a few contextual words and the chic illustrations are hand-drawn by Letterfest’s talented artists, who can work off your photos or any publicly available photos of your chosen location.

Is your partner more of an acts-of-service type of person? We’ve got the gift for you! This adorable ticket box comes with 10 different “tickets,” each of which can be redeemed by the giftee for different favors or adventures. As part of the customization, you can choose from over 40 ticket ideas, which include things like breakfast in bed and full body massage. You’ll also have the option to select the lid color and text.

For the couple who loves nothing more than to share a cup of tea or coffee, these gorgeous porcelain kissing mugs are the perfect way to start (or end) your day together.

For the couple who just can’t stop holding hands, now you can stay warm while doing so! This handmade “smitten mitten” is cute, cozy and the perfect way for those who take walks in the cold.

This subtle yet sweet photo locket cufflink set is a wonderful way for your partner to carry your relationship with you, especially when you can’t be together for a special event.

If you’re on the hunt for a truly unique and out-of-the-box date-night activity for this Feb. 14, may we suggest hand casting? This kit comes with everything you’ll need to create an incredibly detailed mold of you two holding hands, which you can then keep as a conversation-starting keepsake to put on display.

Editor Favorite

These iconic wine glasses are stylish, timeless and totally top-of-the-line. We’re partial to the rose-hued colorway — perfect for hosting a Valentine’s Day-themed dinner or get-together.

Skip the generic candle this Valentine’s Day and opt for one that gets everyone in the mood — in more ways than one. This massage candle features skin-friendly oils and is designed to be poured onto the skin after it has been lit, melted and extinguished. It’s available in a few different scents in addition to a fragrance-free option for those with sensitive skin.

Perfect for the couple who doesn’t take their Valentine’s Day gifts too seriously, these customizable socks are as funny as they are heartwarming. Simply select a design, upload clear photos of the faces you want on the socks and they’ll be shipped to your doorstep.

For the partner who loves a good pun, these personalized matchboxes are a cute (and useful) way to show appreciation for your perfect match. Lighting up their favorite candle or starting a fire in the fireplace? They’ll think of you each and every time.

A unique Valentine’s Day gift doesn’t mean you need to skip the box of chocolates — just upgrade it a bit! When it comes to the M. Cacao’s custom chocolate video boxes, simply select one of the curated chocolate collections or a bar of its art-inspired chocolate bars. Then upload your very own video message or slideshow of images for a delicious and sentimental gift they’ve never seen before.

Created by legendary relationship expert Esther Perel, this interactive, conversation-focused game is all about telling stories, which she describes as the building blocks of relationships. Designed for two to six players, it can be a fun and exciting way to learn more about your partner and serve as the perfect icebreaker at your next game night.

Sometimes, Valentine’s Day can be the perfect excuse to stay home and do exactly what you want to do. For couples that love nothing more than a cozy movie night, this gift set has everything you need to take your date night to the next level. In addition to popcorn-making essentials, you’ll also get a cookbook full of movie-inspired recipes and a movie buff quiz to test your cinematic knowledge.

Pickleball is undeniably the trendiest sport these days. It’s relatively easy to learn and a fun way to bond with your partner, especially if you’re both new to the game. Play against each other to embrace some friendly competition or combine forces for a twice-as-fun doubles game. Either way, these luxe paddles are stylish, comfortable and will last for years.

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48 unique Valentine’s Day gifts to give in 2024 | CNN Underscored (2024)


What's trending for Valentine's Day 2024? ›

Nostalgic jewelry is trending, particularly lockets for holding cherished memories. Worn patinas and vintage styles make them romantic and practical. Heartfelt charms on necklaces are gaining popularity too, with charm options to cater to various interests, from sports to cooking, adding a personal touch to the trend.

What is the color of Valentine's Day in 2024? ›

Shades of Love: Red and White Color Combination for Valentines Day Decor in 2024. As Valentine's Day approaches in 2024, love is in the air, and what better way to celebrate this special occasion than by infusing your surroundings with the timeless and captivating combination of red and white?

What is the total expected spending for Valentine's Day 2024? ›

Despite this dip in individual spending, shoppers are estimated to spend just as much as last year, a collective $25.8 billion, buoyed by record-breaking spending on flowers, jewelry, and hitting the town.

What is best gift for girl in Valentine Day? ›

Flowers and chocolates: A bouquet of her favorite flowers and a box of chocolates is a classic Valentine's Day gift that is sure to be appreciated. Jewelry: A piece of jewelry, such as a necklace, bracelet, or earrings, can be a thoughtful and lasting gift that she can wear and cherish forever.

What is a good Valentine's Day gift? ›

Best Valentine's Day Flowers

Everyone loves getting a big bouquet of flowers as a gift. We found 25 (non-bodega) options, including a classic rose-forward bouquet, a box of blooms that supports local growers, and a candy-pink potted anthurium that won't start wilting on February 15.

What are the top 3 items consumers buy for Valentine's Day? ›

The top gifts include candy (57%), greeting cards (40%), flowers (39%), an evening out (32%), jewelry (22%), clothing (21%) and gift cards (19%). New spending records are expected for jewelry ($6.4 billion), flowers ($2.6 billion), clothing ($3 billion) and an evening out ($4.9 billion).

What is the second most popular Valentine's gift? ›

Overall Spending

The most popular gifts were candy (56%), greeting cards (40%), and flowers (37%).

What should 14 year olds do in a relationship? ›

Of course the relationship is going to be very important to them, but they should still have plenty of time for homework, exercise, friends, and hobbies. It's healthy for a 14-year-old to only see their partner once a week or so—especially if they already go to school with them and they hang out there.

What do boys want for Valentines? ›

Some guys may be yearning for a high-quality turntable; others may want nothing more than a reliable chef's knife. Some want a trip to the spa and fancy skin care. (And, of course, there are the guys who truly just want a nice dinner and chocolate.)

Do kids still do Valentines in school? ›

Most teachers and etiquette experts we spoke with indicated that it is usually recommended to give every student in the classroom a valentine, especially if your child is passing them out at school.

What are the 7 days leading to Valentine's Day? ›

These seven days of love are Rose Day (February 7), Propose Day (February 8), Chocolate Day (February 9), Teddy Day (February 10), Promise Day (February 11), Hug Day (February 12), and Kiss Day (February 13).

What is a good Valentines quote? ›

Valentine, you take my breath away, every single day. It's just one day in the year, but you should know that I love you every day and every moment. The more time we spend together, the more we fall in love with each other. Happy Valentine's Day!

How to dress for valentines day? ›

Rich red is, of course, always appropriate, as are classic black or white styles. Sultry details like bustier-inspired bodices, ruching, ruffle hems, and off the shoulder necklines are playful and flirty for V-Day, whether you're doing girls night out or a romantic dinner.

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